The downfall of Miniclip games

Miniclip is a known browser-based gaming portal. It grew in popularity, especially with the advent of multiplayer gaming. But let’s see their entire road in more detail, as it seems that it’s about to end.

How it started

Miniclip was launched in 2001 and was a gaming portal that offered sports games. It also allowed players to upload their own games for others to play on their website. 

Business was booming, Miniclip grew in popularity, especially with the advent of multiplayer gaming. The company started out as a single-player game publisher that was known for its arcade games and puzzles. But when multiplayer games became more popular, they were able to branch out into creating online games as well. This provided an opportunity for them to make money off of advertising their ads on their websites and in-game purchases. As they became more popular, they also had more opportunities to partner up with other companies like Blizzard Entertainment!

Developer phase

In 2011, Miniclip decided to launch their own app and they released their first app with 8 Ball Pool. The game was a big hit and it became the most downloaded game on iOS in 2011/2012, even reaching a billion in 2013.

In order to keep up with the competition and stay relevant, Miniclip began releasing new apps every year. They wanted to appeal to the younger generation as well as the older generation, so they released games that were suitable for both audiences. That is why they made sure that all their games were available on all platforms.

The downfall

The downfall of Miniclip games started in 2014. The initial releases were good enough, but most of the apps released after that lost steam and were not able to get enough downloads or player base. While some people might argue that it was because they looked like other games, which would be a valid point, there are many other reasons why they failed.First, they did not evolve with time. The market was changing rapidly at this time and Miniclip had to keep up with it if they wanted their products to stay relevant. But instead of doing that, Miniclip kept producing similar content over and over again without updating their existing ones or creating new innovative ideas for players to enjoy on mobile devices – one good example being how Soccer Stars 2 came out as Soccer Stars World Cup Edition instead of using any new mechanics or introducing anything new into gameplay (except for two soccer stadiums instead). Secondly, these games required many updates throughout their lifetime which often led to bugs that made playing less enjoyable – especially since most users played online mode more than offline mode anyway! Thirdly, playing online meant being served with numerous amounts of ads, and people just don’t want to be bothered with something like that, which drove the player base off.