Best Consoles for Gamers

This is a topic that can be very touchy to most and some even get into really heated debates and conversations over it. Which console is the best? Many don’t like to just limit themselves to only one option though. This is probably a good idea seeing as how why not play all of them to experience the differences and enjoy them nonetheless? Just like with betting where you shouldn’t only focus on one website such as since there are many different options, you should also try all consoles out there and then see which one is the best. Also, some games only come out on certain consoles and not others, so there really is no reason to just use one. However, here are the latest and greatest consoles as of right now that everyone should get their hands on.

PlayStation 4

This console comes with a good start to the gaming world. Coming with 500GB of storage which can be extended up to 1TB, you can store quite a bit on here. You get amazing games that can only be played on this console, as they are exclusives, and they are great. With great stories and wonderful attention to detail graphics and world, it’s no wonder why the PlayStation 4 is successful. You can use Virtual Reality on it too and that’s what everyone wants nowadays. And who doesn’t? I love to see the virtual world in front of my eyes like I am actually there. It’s a great feeling. Compared to other newer consoles too, this one is relatively affordable as well. The downside is that if you’re into the very sharp images on your screen, don’t expect 4K because you will only get that with the PlayStation 4 Pro. However, in all honesty, to me that really doesn’t matter much. It is still the same game and I still have the same amount of fun playing them even though they are not 4K. It doesn’t really matter too much. When you’re playing God of War, Formula 1, Horizon Zero Dawn, The Last of Us and Uncharted- does it really matter about 4K? Not really. What matters is that you’re playing some of the most famous games in the world. And they’re loads of fun.

Nintendo Switch

Ever wanted to play amazing games on the go? Well, you really can. Even those very big and wonderful Role Playing Games. Yes, that’s right- the games that are so big you thought wouldn’t be able to fit on such a small console. You can, and it’s very easy to play because of the natural feeling of buttons and sticks to move your character around. You can carry this around for about 3 hours before you would need to charge it again which could probably be better but is in no way awful. The storage comes with 32GB but can be extended as well. It’s not very powerful but will still play your games. The Nintendo Switch is mostly famous for the new game called The Legend of Zelda- Breath of the Wild. We can see why, I mean, have you seen how gorgeous the gameplay and the world is? And that story? Wow. Not to mention that if you’re staying home and still want to play, you can lounge on the couch and hook it up to your Television. This means you can play your games on a huge screen (if you have one). So you have the best of both worlds. Plus, they have Skyrim and Doom as well. Those are great Role Playing Games also.