New Online Casino Games – UK Slots 2018

You think about online casino games and you immediately think of slots probably before any other game, am I right? That’s because it’s the most popularly known casino game globally. It’s quite simple, you are looking for a match. It’s the simplest and easiest and can be the most fun at times too. I especially like the ones with bright pictures and numbers. Games don’t really differ that much depending on whether you enter an online casino in Canada or some UK one. Here are some new slots that you can play this year.

Jurassic World

Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? You can see fresh new logos for the new movie Jurassic World and it’s all about dinosaurs. If you luck out on this new game, you might have a chance to also win really big too. It’s most popular for that. If you do win, the chances are great for big money. But it doesn’t just stop there, if you are crazy about good graphics and such, you’ll love looking at it. It has the best pictures compared to some others out there.


Here is a new game where you won’t have much trouble playing. It’s very popular for its the chances of winning to be easy. It can be fairly easy, just don’t get too much ahead of yourself because it’s still a risk of your money too. You can also find yourself getting some free spins which is sure to keep bringing back the customers.

Book of Ra

You can play the new game Book of Ra even on your mobile phone. People have said that it’s especially good for that. This is a classic game that will remind you of Vegas- you don’t necessarily have to travel to get that certain feeling. This game is vastly popular here in the UK so don’t be surprised if you see someone playing it randomly.

These are all great and new games to play and are fairly entertaining especially to the new customers. They’re new and fun. The majority of people would probably say they are better than average but not exactly the best that you can possibly do. But, in any case, that is better than boring so I would have to say you should try them out yourself. If you’re looking for some tips though, I would probably say that everyone should try out Starburst first as they have free spins and it’s fairly easy to beat. This way you can get the hang of a new one pretty quickly while not wasting your money on it. And even though you may not be able to win so much in general, the chances are still there and will not get you as frustrated.

Best Consoles for Gamers

This is a topic that can be very touchy to most and some even get into really heated debates and conversations over it. Which console is the best? Many don’t like to just limit themselves to only one option though. This is probably a good idea seeing as how why not play all of them to experience the differences and enjoy them nonetheless? Just like with betting where you shouldn’t only focus on one website such as since there are many different options, you should also try all consoles out there and then see which one is the best. Also, some games only come out on certain consoles and not others, so there really is no reason to just use one. However, here are the latest and greatest consoles as of right now that everyone should get their hands on.

PlayStation 4

This console comes with a good start to the gaming world. Coming with 500GB of storage which can be extended up to 1TB, you can store quite a bit on here. You get amazing games that can only be played on this console, as they are exclusives, and they are great. With great stories and wonderful attention to detail graphics and world, it’s no wonder why the PlayStation 4 is successful. You can use Virtual Reality on it too and that’s what everyone wants nowadays. And who doesn’t? I love to see the virtual world in front of my eyes like I am actually there. It’s a great feeling. Compared to other newer consoles too, this one is relatively affordable as well. The downside is that if you’re into the very sharp images on your screen, don’t expect 4K because you will only get that with the PlayStation 4 Pro. However, in all honesty, to me that really doesn’t matter much. It is still the same game and I still have the same amount of fun playing them even though they are not 4K. It doesn’t really matter too much. When you’re playing God of War, Formula 1, Horizon Zero Dawn, The Last of Us and Uncharted- does it really matter about 4K? Not really. What matters is that you’re playing some of the most famous games in the world. And they’re loads of fun.

Nintendo Switch

Ever wanted to play amazing games on the go? Well, you really can. Even those very big and wonderful Role Playing Games. Yes, that’s right- the games that are so big you thought wouldn’t be able to fit on such a small console. You can, and it’s very easy to play because of the natural feeling of buttons and sticks to move your character around. You can carry this around for about 3 hours before you would need to charge it again which could probably be better but is in no way awful. The storage comes with 32GB but can be extended as well. It’s not very powerful but will still play your games. The Nintendo Switch is mostly famous for the new game called The Legend of Zelda- Breath of the Wild. We can see why, I mean, have you seen how gorgeous the gameplay and the world is? And that story? Wow. Not to mention that if you’re staying home and still want to play, you can lounge on the couch and hook it up to your Television. This means you can play your games on a huge screen (if you have one). So you have the best of both worlds. Plus, they have Skyrim and Doom as well. Those are great Role Playing Games also.

How to Make a Gambling Website?

There are a few things to consider while creating your gambling website. While we will cover some basics and get you started on thinking of the organization of the whole operation, you should still do some good research on this topic from at least a few sources.

The iGaming industry is booming right now. Ever since it started in 1994, online gambling was born. It is also still on the rise and on average rises around 15% every year. New markets open up and software becomes more affordable, better and easier to operate. With all this said, you are probably ready to get started but you will need these things: a dedicated server, a merchant account, good Jackpotjoy promo codes 2018, a gambling license (to make sure you are legal on your target market), and last but not least, you need a professional iGaming software.

Choice of iGaming Software Provider

This is one of the most critical decisions you will make in the making of your gambling website. The iGaming software provider is almost like your partner. They will look after the software that is serving your players and they will make sure the software gets the right updates and if any bugs occur they will address them. You should take your time while choosing your software provider as there are many options and the perfect one is not as easy to find. You should view this as the engine of your website where your players are being served.

Get the Gambling License for Your Target Market

While deciding on the market, you should consider the tax policy and other legal facts. You should also look into the gambling license requirements and check if you can get them or not, or if you’re willing to work hard to obtain the one where you think your website will perform the best.

Your Gambling Website Design

While working on your website design, you should think about the colour composition and also into the human nature to make sure you are getting the best possible design that is going to work the best. Some designs are better than others and there are reasons for this. You must hire the right designer who knows all the tricks when it comes to designing a gambling website. Players must feel welcome and all the pages should look inviting and fun to look at. Don’t be afraid to decline a design if it’s performing poorly and go for a new one. The design of your website is a huge part of your success and you should make it with a lot of care and attention to detail.

Your Gambling Website Marketing Strategy

There are many popular marketing strategies that you could find online. I will mention a couple of the most often seen ones. First: affiliate marketing. You should make an affiliate program so other sites can help you get the most amount of players on your websites. Another one is a nice welcome bonus. The third strategy is to advertise in online media and printed media.

What Does it Take to Become a Web Developer?

The first thing you should do if you want to set yourself on this course, you need to take a look at some of the web developers’ responsibilities. This list roughly goes like this: Building a WordPress site, understanding HTML and CMS, work on UI and UX of the site, developing of web-based applications and writing web pages by using markup languages.

Besides the mentioned HTML, you will also have to learn how PHP, CSS, MySQL databases, JavaScript, and jQuery web servers work and many other things. You are now probably asking yourself: where can I learn all this stuff? Well, if you are not going for traditional education (school, university, college etc), you will need to read a lot. Don’t be fooled by the books named something like “JavaScript in 10 easy steps”, or “PHP for absolute beginners” you should know that there is no such thing as an easy programming knowledge. You have to be persistent and not give up. It will take many hours before you become good at crafting web pages. But you can be sure that it is possible and that it can be done for millions of people are already doing it successfully.

Reading Material for Web Developers

Order yourself some of the books on major web programming languages and start reading. Remember that reading does not hurt, it only takes some time for your mind to start letting new knowledge flow in. Once it gets started, you will be able to spend hours on it because it can also be fun.

How Long Does it Take to Become a Web Developer?

It can take months or even years. That is the simple answer. It depends on your passion and the number of hours you put in daily. You will certainly advance faster if you put 6 hours per day rather than someone putting in 3 hours per day. And if you put more than 8 hours per day, you will get there even faster. It’s just math, there is nothing truer than math.

Get Started

Once you get some skills under your belt, what you can do is take on some simple freelance jobs for clients online. Upwork service is very useful when it comes to this. Go ahead and register yourself there and you’ll be able to browse through posted jobs. When you see a job you might like and find it interesting, you can apply and it’s up to the people offering the job to accept your application and forward you the job. After the successful completion of the job, you will get paid. You can repeat this process and get faster and more successful at finding new jobs online that are a great fit for your programming skills.

Can You Specialize in Web Development for Online Casinos?

The short answer is yes. And the answer is such because of the increasing demand for both design and redesign of existing casino software. The point is that there is a lot of demand for online casino web development. There is a lot of online casino site like You can easily locate these gigs online on various websites who are serving jobs for freelancers worldwide. Such a website is Upwork among many others.

Reasons to Become a Web Developer for Online Casinos

The demand is only going to grow in the upcoming years for these reasons:

– Increasing casino capacity- Many existing casinos are currently expanding to other new markets where online casinos recently became regulated. New designs are needed to make a larger amount of people able to enjoy casino games without any kinds of hiccups.

– Updating casino games- Many casino games themselves need an update so it can stay secure and fun to play. Casino companies are investing large amounts of money into getting the best software possible. They customize it so it can represent the current trends and also keep up with the competition that is bringing something new every once in a while.

How to Specialize in Web Development for Online Casinos

Just like in any other industry, the more experience you have, the better you will do your job. This means that you need to accept more jobs which are online casino related so you could become more experienced, and you need to build a portfolio of sites you worked on to show to your future clients. Then, slowly but surely you will become a recognizable specialist for online casinos where many companies will find an excellent web developer to work with.

Other Ways to Become a Specialist for Online Casinos in Terms of Software Development

At some point, some casino company might offer you a permanent position as a web developer. Your mission might become a regular maintenance of the software the company is using to serve their players. At this position, you will be in direct contact with the software that is operational and needs regular maintenance to make sure everything runs smooth. You might also address the bugs pointed out by QA testers and players themselves. These also need to be addressed as soon as possible. Sometimes the whole new version of the software will need to be either installed or developed and put to work. You might be working together with other web developers as part of a team, and together you need to make sure everything in the back end and front end works well together and is ready for the casino players around the world. As years go by, casino experts will only grow in demand.